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T-Systems launched a new product in the United States, but a lack of clear tracking and analytics made understanding the complete buying cycle impossible. See how Digitopia's Digital Utopia Methodology provided T-Systems with complete clarity, actionable insights, and increased metrics. 

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Eldorado Stone 

A leading brand in the building industry needed to develop a marketing campaign that would engage and convert its B2C and B2B target market segments. Learn how Digitopia's robust ecosystem increased leads by over 640%. 

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Pursell Farms 

Pursell Farms saw a significant lift in revenue after marketing an untapped opportunity. Discover how this marketing campaign increased leads by over 560%. 

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Kyolic | Digitopia


Kyolic controlled 60% of the garlic-based supplements market, but new competitors were entering the marketplace every day. See how Digitopia's social media program boosted brand awareness, increased website referral traffic by 259%, and achieved triple-digit increases across all social media KPIs. 

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First Foundation

The implementation of comprehensive marketing automation campaigns allowed First Foundation to nurture new contacts, segment its database, and offer content based that lead to a significant increase in qualified leads.