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Pursell Farms Case Study | Digitopia

560% increase in venue booking requests for Pursell Farms

About Pursell Farms

Ranked the number-one public golf course in Alabama, Pursell Farms is a 3,500-acre destination resort nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. As a luxury resort, Pursell Farms caters to the avid sportsman, golf professional or future bride looking for sophisticated accommodations, access to a championship golf course and farm-fresh culinary experiences.

Pursell Farms Logo | Digitopia

The Problem

Pursell Farms wanted to increase the annual revenue generated by its onsite wedding venue. While the resort was well known for its hotel accommodations and golf operations, Pursell Farms needed a comprehensive strategy to drive awareness within its new target market and convert website traffic in to wedding venue leads for their sales team.  

The Solution 

  • Develop a marketing plan to better position Pursell Farms as a sought-after wedding venue 
  • Update the website UX and create a marketing funnel that allowed Pursell Farms to attract, nurture and convert leads online
  • Use paid advertising strategies to increase awareness and visibility of the resort's comprehensive wedding offerings
  • Leverage data to drive targeted website traffic to relevant wedding specific pages 
  • Convert interested brides and grooms into sales opportunities

The Results

After elevating the website's user experience and implementing Digitopia's methodology, Pursell Farms was able to better attract, nurture and convert wedding prospects via digital marketing. Also, with new Request for Proposal functionality implemented on the website, Pursell Farms was able to capture prospects' 

information in real time to provide a better customer service experience. Overall, the campaign increased website traffic by 112% and increased Requests for Proposals by 560%. Year over year, Pursell Farms generated significant increases in revenue. 

Increase in Website Traffic
Annual Increase in Requests for Wedding Proposals
Pursell Farms | Digitopia
“Working with the team at Digitopia has been a game changer for us. The guidance and hands on work that they have done for us has cleaned up and improved traffic to our website year over year, and they are not letting up. We could not be where we are today without them!"

 Tim Spanjer
Marketing Director, Pursell Farms 

Building the Platform 

Prior to working with Digitopia, Pursell Farms didn't have a method for attracting and capturing interested brides and grooms. By instituting a full funnel marketing approach, Pursell Farms was able to successfully attract, nurture and convert traffic on its website. Digitopia's marketing program seamlessly integrated with the existing database and their other internal systems.

custom wordpress backend setup

Designing the Campaign 

Through a detailed analysis of the hospitality industry and wedding venue competitors, an update to the website from a UX and CRO perspective was recommended to ensure the brand's online presence reflected the same luxury experience guests feel on property. The entire digital marketing ecosystem, including advertisements and email marketing, were also recrafted to maintain a cohesive user experience.

Pursell farms website

Driving Traffic 

Digitopia developed a multifaceted Google Ads strategy across Display Network, YouTube and Google Search. Microtargeting was employed to ensure ads were served to those with the highest intent, and ad placements were evaluated based on factors like content relevance, audience composition, online behavior and more. 

Pursell Farms YouTube | Digitopia

Converting Visitors

Because Pursell Farms had an immediate business need, a targeted campaign was developed that focused on generating awareness and driving interest in the property's newest wedding venue Hamilton Place. All traffic was funneled to that page and a downloadable brochure was available for more information. 

Pursell Farms Weddings | Digitopia

Measuring Performance

Digitopia set up advanced tracking for metrics like scroll depth and form abandonment to better inform refinements to the RFP functionality. Benchmark numbers were also established to help Pursell Farms understand the kind of traffic and conversion that was needed each month to keep pace with their specific revenue and growth goals.

Pursell Farms Wedding LP
Pursell Farms | Digitopia

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