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161% Increase in Online Leads for First Foundation

About First Foundation

First Foundation is a well-established financial institution that provides banking, financial planning, investment management, estate and legacy planning, and foundation support to its clients. 

First Foundation Bank

The Problem

  • Marketing activities only spoke to existing customers instead of growing a robust database of new leads. 
  • Any new leads that were being generated online were going stale if they were not immediately ready to sign up for a service. 
  • First Foundation's team was already-overloaded and did not have the capacity to create new content regularly or nurture leads manually.
  • First Foundation had purchased HubSpot  for marketing automation, but they didn't utilize its capabilities to help grow their business.

The Goal

  • Create conversion opportunities on the website to allow new visitors to join the database 
  • Set up a scalable automated marketing sequence that would nurture leads who weren't ready to buy right away
  • Develop premium content that is valuable for an extended period of time, allowing the internal team the opportunity to create new content at a sustainable pace
  • Utilize HubSpot's capabilities and potential with little intervention required from the First Foundation team 

The Result

After the rollout of a HubSpot campaign that leveraged several call-to-actions, forms, and premium content offers on the site, First Foundation saw a marked increase in leads generated online. Additionally, that same piece of premium content continues to generate leads for First Foundation a year later. 
The implementation of additional marketing automation campaigns allowed First Foundation to nurture new contacts, segment their database, and offer content based on contact interests with no further intervention after initial setup. 
More Leads Compared to the Previous Year
Increase in Organic Site Conversion
Nurturing Email Open Rate
We've been working with [Digitopia] for about a year now and can't say enough nice things about their approach. As a former web client of theirs, they bring the same level of expertise and focus to inbound marketing. Kendra and the team are amazing to work with and super responsive for anything that comes up.
Colin Kapp | Senior Marketing Manager First Foundation

Colin Kapp
Senior Marketing Manager, First Foundation

Building the Platform

HubSpot, a robust marketing automation software, was optimized and customized for First Foundation's needs.

Automated nurturing workflows and emails were developed to provide the marketing team with much-needed content support while leads matured organically.

Building the Platform - First Foundation

Building the Campaign

Digitopia and First Foundation identified a topic that would remain relevant to website visitors for an extended period of time. Based on keyword trends, historical site data, and customer research, the teams established a premium content offer that provided value on the topic of personal taxes. 

Building The Campaign - First Foundation

Creating Conversion Opportunities

Calls-to-action were added to the homepage, relevant web pages, and to the blog to allow for more organic conversion opportunities on the site. 

The First Foundation blog was also re-designed for a better user experience, more flexibility, and increased conversion opportunities. 

This led to a 130% increase in organic site conversions. 

Creating-Creating Conversion Opportunities - First FoundationConversion-Opportunities-FF (1)

Analyzing and Optimizing

Variations of landing pages, CTAs, and emails were created and regular A/B tests were run to increase conversion rates. 

After being live for just one quarter, the landing page for the tax guide began converting at rates that were key to driving down long-term customer acquisition costs. 

First Foundation also experienced an above-average nurturing email open rate of 33.8% and a 29.7% increase in email click rates.

Analyzing and Optimizing - First Foundation

Measuring Performance

Once the campaign launched, daily analysis of form submissions, open, click, and engagement rates guided the optimization efforts of this campaign. More importantly, it set a benchmark of success to measure against for future, similar campaigns.

Measuring-Performance - First Foundation
schedule-your-consultation - First Foundation

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