Generate more sales conversations with a B2B email marketing service

Engage, inspire and nurture customers with email nurturing. Advanced email nurturing keeps prospects engaged and gets them closer to a sales conversation.


Who is this for?

The Email Nurturing is perfect if you:

  • Have a long sales cycle and need to stay top of mind with prospects.
  • You need a method to present your library of content in a personalized manner to your prospect.

Why do I need this?

Email nurturing keeps prospects engaged and gets them closer to a sales conversation.

You have a growing library of valuable content for your target audience and you need a method to stay in front of your prospect.

How does it work?

You will be guided by a Digitopia strategist and work together to outline a dedicated nurturing track for your core persona. Your strategist will then handle the...

  • Email creation
  • Email automation
  • Testing and optimization 
  • Tracking and reporting

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Build Complex Email Nurturing Workflows
We configure your technical settings
Analytics, Redirects, Etc.
We configure your server settings

Harness The Power of Automation

We'll help you build and implement proven marketing automation strategies that will save you time.

Leverage Systems That Scale

We'll help you lay a foundation for automated email nurturing that can systematically grow with your business. 


Personalize Your Marketing

Deliver  a customer experience that feels personal and cultivates real relationships. 

Full Scope of Work:


Premium Custom

Develop 5 automated plain text nurturing emails per month

  • Includes writing, editing, implementation, testing, and deployment
  • Emails are developed based on existing blog articles (i.e., Feeder Content)

Creation of email nurturing automation workflows in Hubspot


Develop “nurturing tracks” to align with  Buyer Persona-Pain Point combinations.

  • A primary nurturing sequence track will be defined and then additional nurturing tracks will be developed on an as-needed basis

Emails are monitored and optimized during their first 90 days after deployment, then reviewed quarterly thereafter.


1 monthly reporting and alignment call


Develop additional emails to support multiple nurturing tracks


Develop one-off promotional emails


Develop and support an ongoing newsletter






Ready to start maturing your contact database into actual sales opportunities?

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Digitopia HubSpot Directory Reviews

We get 5-star reviews on the HubSpot Solutions Partner Directory

Kendra and the Digitopia team provided incredible support for our switch to HubSpot. We were merging contacts and marketing tools from 5 different databases. Their team handled all the integrations and set us up in a way that allowed us to immediately activate and communicate with our database in a way we were never able to before. I highly recommend them as a set up partner and look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis to get the most out of the system.

- Justin Kürn, The Friedman Learning Group

Digitopia is the real deal. We had the awesome opportunity to work with them through designing our business architecture, brand alignment and website design. Frank has an exceptional gift and true fire for what he does, a rare combination. Through our consulting engagement, Digitopia has helped us be well positioned to scale further and faster. Jump at the opportunity to work with them, you won’t regret it!

- Melissa S., Velvet Suite

Digitopia is an incredible agency. Every single member I spoke to was well-versed in their respective area and provided invaluable guidance to my small business. Not only did their strategy supersede my expectations, but they were all so kind. Truly white-glove service! If you're looking for a talented team that actually shows results AND are overall great people to work with, highly highly recommend.

- Sierra Dowd, 98Society

I had a great experience working with the Digitopia team. We engaged with them on, what was I am sure for them, a relatively small project, but for us, was of big importance. They never made us feel small or unimportant at all. Being new to HubSpot, they helped answer a lot of questions and figure out many things that a newbie needs to do to set off on the right foot, plus solved the problem we showed up on their doorstep with. Thanks so much, Digitopia!

- Erin L., Cooleaf