The Hidden Power of SEO

by DJ Shirley | Updated Nov 9, 2021

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is commonly thought of as merely a method of driving traffic to a website. It is actually much more than that.
Without a doubt, SEO is one of the best ways to generate traffic to a website. But more than that, site visitors and owners benefit from SEO techniques because they match users with the products and services they need, provide a better website browsing experience and ensure a site functions optimally.

Quality Web Traffic

While many marketing techniques focus on getting as many visitors to a website as possible, SEO techniques focus on matching people to those sites that they will find most useful by including the words and phrases that potential customers are searching for in a website’s content. By narrowing in on a company’s target market, increases the likelihood that site visitors will stay a site longer to explore what a company has to offer. Longer site visits translate to increased site participation, more purchases and more visitor exposure to banners or affiliate advertisements.

Usable Site Content

Search engine optimization also improves online content and site usability. By carefully crafting a site’s content to be useful and relevant, site visitors are greeted by exactly the information they want and need, which fosters a positive impression of the company that has provided it.

Elimination of Unnecessary Content

SEO techniques also eliminate unnecessary content because such content can drag websites down in search engine rankings. Elimination of unnecessary content also benefits users because site navigation is made easier and faster. Users experience less frustration because they are no longer forced to browse through numerous pages to find the content and services they need.

Faster Loading Time

In addition, SEO techniques require outdated web structures be replaced with structures that present content in a format that is more easily read by search engines. This practice both raises the site’s search engine rankings as well as makes the site load more quickly. Fast loading times have a positive impact on the number of individuals who will take the time to browse a site upon arrival, rather than quickly moving on.

Better Organization

Another SEO technique involves organizing content by using a clear title and heading structure, as search engines often put a lot of importance on the content in these sections. Heading and sub-heading divisions make a site more organized, easier to navigate and simpler to manage.

When properly executed, SEO ultimately results in a better browsing experience for visitors, an easier site management for webmasters and a better marketing ROI for business owners.

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