Premium Marketing Hub Setup

Hit the ground running with HubSpot. Have all of your essential marketing hub features built and active in just 4 weeks.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Setup Planning Session

Who is this for?

Premium Marketing Hub Setup is perfect for you if:

  • You are new to HubSpot and don't have time to learn it.
  • You need campaigns launched yesterday!
  • You want tried-and-true methods for marketing using HubSpot
  • You want to make sure all of the cool marketing features in HubSpot don't go unused

Why do I need this?

With the onboarding that HubSpot provides, you get coaching on how to set up your Hub yourself.

But, with Digitopia's Premium solution, we set it all up for you and then show you how to use it. And, in less time!

Get more than just "set up". Get your Hub activated and using all of the advanced features in the shortest amount of time.

How does it work?

Over the course of 4 weeks, you'll meet virtually with a content strategist and a HubSpot specialist to create assets to activate HubSpot, like...

  • Decision-level landing page
  • Automated email nurturing series
  • A chatbot
  • And more

You'll also have a training session to learn how to use your new marketing Hub!

See full list of features here »

Build Email Nurturing Workflow in HubSpot
We configure complex email nurturing
Built to scale and loaded with 4 initial emails
Build Chatbot Flow in HubSpot
We configure Chatbot settings a flow
Built to engage and direct visitors to key resources
Digital HubSpot Training Session
Get the HubSpot training you need
Learn how to use your new Marketing Hub

Why not just go with HubSpot's setup solution?

HubSpot charges a required setup fee for all new Hubs.

But, they'll waive that fee if you are working with a trusted HubSpot Solutions partner—like Digitopia.

With Digitopia's Premium Marketing Hub Setup you get...

      • The same coaching and training you would with HubSpot
      • PLUS...
          • A skilled HubSpot implementation specialist to do all the dirty work
          • Access to tried-and-true setup processes to unlock HubSpot's full potential
          • The most essential marketing assets built for you...quickly! 

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A more complete setup

We designed a more robust HubSpot setup that enables long-term success for you and your team.

See What Our Marketing Hub Setup Includes
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Done for experts

We work in HubSpot day-in and day-out. Let us guide exactly what needs to be set up so that you can scale your business.


See for yourself how much more you get with Digitopia's Premium Marketing Hub Setup:

  Standard Premium Custom

HubSpot Onboarding Consulting Calls

  • How your data lives in HubSpot
  • Lead capture and conversion paths
  • Segmenting your data
  • Email marketing
  • Traffic and website analytics
  • Content strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Consulting to migrate/import data from your CRM
  • Campaign setup and analysis

1 scalable email nurturing workflow including:

  • 4 nurturing emails written and loaded
1 email subscription configuration      
1 popup form setup      
Deploy key marketing reporting dashboards      
1 chatbot      

1 "decision-level" campaign including:

  • Landing page
  • Thank you page 
  • Form
  • Follow-up email
  • Supporting workflows
A customized template header and footer to match your website      
Select 1 HubSpot Campaign template of your choice from Digitopia's Gallery      

1-hour sales hub training with your team

  • A dedicated training session for your team members who will be working in the Marketing Hub. Training will focus on utilizing segmentation, smart content, a/b testing, workflows, and more.
Activate and build dashboards for Multi-touch Revenue Attribution      
Blueprint and implement HubSpot's Custom Objects feature      
Pricing... $2,500 $6,500 Get A Quote »


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Don't see the HubSpot features you need help with?

Schedule a time to talk with one of our HubSpot experts to explore a custom solution that includes activating features like...

  • Custom landing page and email templates
  • Migration from SalesForce
  • Custom events
  • Multi-track email nurturing
  • In-depth lifecycle tracking...and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Digitopia HubSpot Directory Reviews

We get 5-star reviews on the HubSpot Solutions Partner Directory

Kendra and the Digitopia team provided incredible support for our switch to HubSpot. We were merging contacts and marketing tools from 5 different databases. Their team handled all the integrations and set us up in a way that allowed us to immediately activate and communicate with our database in a way we were never able to before. I highly recommend them as a set up partner and look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis to get the most out of the system.

- Justin Kürn, The Friedman Learning Group

Digitopia is the real deal. We had the awesome opportunity to work with them through designing our business architecture, brand alignment and website design. Frank has an exceptional gift and true fire for what he does, a rare combination. Through our consulting engagement, Digitopia has helped us be well positioned to scale further and faster. Jump at the opportunity to work with them, you won’t regret it!

- Melissa S., Velvet Suite

Digitopia is an incredible agency. Every single member I spoke to was well-versed in their respective area and provided invaluable guidance to my small business. Not only did their strategy supersede my expectations, but they were all so kind. Truly white-glove service! If you're looking for a talented team that actually shows results AND are overall great people to work with, highly highly recommend.

- Sierra Dowd, 98Society

I had a great experience working with the Digitopia team. We engaged with them on, what was I am sure for them, a relatively small project, but for us, was of big importance. They never made us feel small or unimportant at all. Being new to HubSpot, they helped answer a lot of questions and figure out many things that a newbie needs to do to set off on the right foot, plus solved the problem we showed up on their doorstep with. Thanks so much, Digitopia!

- Erin L., Cooleaf