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Organic Search and PPC - A Power Couple

by Jenny Foster | Updated Jan 22, 2022

The world of search engine marketing can be a segmented space, there are numerous resources specific to only PPC or organic search engine optimization. Sometimes, those components are even seen as competing forces. However, PPC and organic search actually make a great couple, and like any great working relationship, they complement one another's strengths and weaknesses.

4 Reasons Why Organic & Paid Search are a "Power Couple"

You’ll Get Data

  • One of the most important benefits gained from an Adwords campaign is the data collection. After just a few days of running ads, the data pours in. You can quickly start uncovering top search terms, peak days of the week of even peak hours of the day.
  • As more and more data comes in, you may be able to spot patterns or trends that will help you stay in front of those consumers on a more permanent basis as you trickle the information down to an organic search campaign.
  • You can apply the paid data to organic search efforts - you can use it create content ideas for pages and blog posts, uncover keyword lists, see demographics info and more; this means you'll have a smarter organic search strategy/guide instead of using industry trends to plan your efforts.

Conversion Rate Will Increase

  • PPC can help flush assisted conversions, a lot of times a user will click and ad without converting but will return to the site via organic search days or weeks later when they’re further along in their decision-making process.
  • Paid search is also a great tool to showcase to clients the differences in user intent when searching. Traditionally, organic search leans toward the educational or informational side and paid ad clicks leans toward an actionable intent. Both are important for a business to capture and will ultimately lead to more conversions when the searches are funneled appropriately.
  • It's important to optimize pages on your website for both user intents, but the educational side of things is what the search engines pay close attention to when looking for organic search results. By filling your website with any and all information relevant to your business you'll have a better chance of capturing a larger variety 0f user questions or queries.

You Get To Be More In Control Yet Flexible

  • The internet never sleeps but your PPC ads can. When you’re paying for clicks it’s critical to ensure you get the most out of your budget and that requires carefully monitoring the campaign's performance. You can set schedules to capture searches at specific times or even in specific weather conditions. You can also utilize negative keywords to eliminate phrases you don’t want to be found for and specify what locations can find your ads.
  • The best part is that all of those settings are highly flexible and allow for pivots as the business does. It’s a great compliment to an organic search campaign because of those same things.
  • I also want to note that the organic search efforts are controlled yet flexible - as long you monitor your campaign regularly and keep great communication with your team, an SEO campaign can pivot and begin to see results within days.

You’ll Occupy More SERP Real Estate

  • A PPC ad will help a business take up more space on a Google search. This is becoming increasingly important as our world turns mobile first and the screens we utilize become smaller.
  • The reinforcement of your branding across the first page of Google is also important in establishing trust, relevance, and authority online. By occupying more space, it leaves more opportunity for users to find your business and have a healthy online campaign.

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An integrated approach to marketing will also ensure your efforts are spread across multiple avenues - less risk and more potential for real results.


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