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Need More Leads? Get the Blueprint

The Benefits of Social Media: 4 Examples

by Nicole Barbato | Updated Nov 9, 2021

As prevalent as social media use for business is now, people still ask, "Why should I use Twitter?",  "Isn't LinkedIn just for job searching?" and "I don't really see the benefit of social media." These are worthwhile questions to ask, especially when considering investing time and money into social media efforts. Social media, if done well, can help move your business goals forward.

Here are four examples of how social media can help businesses:

Social Media Can Drive Awareness of Your Brick-And-Mortar Establishment

One of our favorite  Southern California clients is an establishment that houses multiple retailers, including a well-known restaurant, a luxury fashion brand, a high-end car dealership, a renown artist and more. One of our primary goals for this client's campaign is to ensure that these establishments are receiving foot traffic. We do this by sharing retailer information to Facebook and targeting an audience we believe will be interested in the retailer. For example, if the luxury fashion retailer has gorgeous new clothes, we'll create an album on Facebook of the images, boost it to people who are located near our client's location, and target interests like local malls, local fashion boutiques, fashion magazines and more. We share these images on our client's Pinterest account as well because fashion does considerably well on Pinterest.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Help Raise Awareness About Events

The same client also hosts events for its retailers. Showcasing these events via social media platforms paired with visually appealing images on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest drives awareness and enthusiasm about events. In our monthly reports to this client, we always share the wonderful comments people post about the events. People tag friends in the 'comments' section on Facebook posts about the event, mention how much they'd like to attend and more.

If you want to take event promotion to the next level, consider live tweeting during events. Prior to an event, post about it on Facebook (link to a blog post about the event on your website), boost it to your target audience and let everyone on the channels you'll use during the event know that you'll be live tweeting. Create a hashtag for the event that people can use on Twitter and Instagram. During the event, encourage attendees to follow your business on social networks and share their favorites pictures, quotes and videos to the hashtag. To further encourage participation, let attendees know that the best image(s) will receive a prize, like a gift card to your business or heavily discounted services. On your end, take pictures of the event, attendees (make sure they're fine with their image being share on social media), and share quotes from presenters, if applicable.

Content and Social Media Lets You Tell Your Brands Story

Prior to the rise of content marketing, brands were subject to the media's portrayal of their company. Now, you are the media. The dawn of the social media error coupled with the push to create original content for brands lets you create a hub of information that is all your own to share with your consumers. Creating powerful content allows you to define, revamp and share your company's story in the way you see fit.  And social media shares the content to relevant audiences. Online websites previously showcased their only their product and services. People would likely only visit the website when considering purchasing those products or services. But, if for example, you are a running store, you can create valuable content about proper physical running form, videos to help injured runners and much more. This is content that your core demographic will consume even when they're not considering buying from you. When they are ready to purchase running shoes or gear,  your company will be top of mind because of the valuable content you provided to show your audience that you understand their needs.

Social media can be as beneficial as you want it to be. It can boost your brand's image, share information about events and products and entertain and inform your target audience. Our passion is to help develop social media campaigns that power your brand's message.

Digitopia is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today!

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