Why Your [Small] Business Needs a Blog

by Jenny Foster | Updated Nov 9, 2021

A question I’m asked all the time as a marketer is, “Does our business really need a blog?” The answer is a firm Yes. As a business, small or large, blogging holds a lot of power within your marketing strategy, especially if you’re conducting SEO (search engine optimization) or social media campaigns.

There are many reasons why you need to be blogging for your business, but the most important is to continuously generate fresh and authoritative content to your website. This is important because keeping your website relevant is crucial in earning keyword rankings and providing a positive user experience. A major goal of SEO is for the search engine to view your website as a current, topic-relevant option for a user. In time, you can accomplish this task by feeding healthy and consistent blogs to the website.

Blogging is useful for flushing out long tail search phrases. These searches often have a higher degree of user intent, which can be of more value to a small business owner. A website built out with robust keywords provides an increased opportunity to be found. Think of the blog as a pipeline -- it feeds your website a variety of keywords and search phrases ensuring steady growth within the search engines.

Another reason to implement a blog is because it can be a soundboard for your business. I often refer to this as the “practice what you preach” mentality. A blog is a great platform for a small business to showcase press, show off your best work, and offer insight into your company culture. This also provides a level of transparency, which is helpful in converting online users to offline business.

blog content

In addition to sharing your knowledge via a website blog, you should share the articles you write via social media channels. This drives valuable traffic back to your website, gives you the opportunity to conduct influencer outreach and, in some cases, even leads to user-generated content (which is helpful when you’re busy or want to showcase your brand in action). Shares and engagement from credible people within your industry are additional ways to increase the relevancy of your content and, in turn, search visibility.

Targeted blogging can contribute to multiple facets of your digital marketing campaign efforts. With the holidays being just around the corner, it may be the perfect time to gather a game plan for your blog and leverage some of the surging traffic known to accompany the last months of the year.


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