[UPDATED  IN 2022] 2019 NAMM Talk: How to Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy

by Frank Cowell | Updated Jun 13, 2022

Just before COVID I gave a talk at the annual NAMM conference in Anaheim, CA. The talk was about how to develop a digital marketing strategy that is simple, yet powerful.

And, you know what?

Here in a post-pandemic world, nothing has changed when it comes to the basics of how humans make decisions. The principles taught here still hold true.

Give it a watch.
Build a better marketing strategy for your B2B.
And if you need some help...

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They can help you build a B2B marketing strategy that gets real results.




P.S. If you're intrigued by the strategy that I shared in this talk, then you'll want to download the blueprint I referenced. It's yours for the taking:

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