8 Useful Digital Marketing Resources and Tools

by Alice Faggi | Updated Nov 8, 2021

DIY business owners and digital marketing pros have one key thing in common: The need to know the latest and greatest digital marketing tools to help their business grow. Google is a rabbit hole and sometimes the information you find doesn't do the trick. I've compiled a list of Digitopia's favorite resources and DIY tools to help digital marketers and busy business owners alike. Without further ado, here they are:


Whether you're a full-fledged SEO or a search engine novice, Moz will provide consistent, actionable insight into the world of SEO. One of my favorite resources is the complete history of Google's Algorithm page. This page explains, in detail, what the search engines look for when determining how to rank a website. Our SEO team also loves the in-depth report Moz created documenting Local Ranking Factors for Local SEO. If you're a business owner with a physical location, understanding how Google indexes your business information in the search results is vital to manage your organization's local exposure.

Social Media Examiner

Digitopia's social media team absolutely loves Social Media Examiner. Articles range from Facebook 101 tips to detailed strategies to help a business start a podcast. Use Social Media Examiner's search bar to find step-by-step articles covering helpful topics related to all social media platforms.

Buffer Blog

The Buffer Blog provides businesses and digital marketers with strategic advice to help their business grow online.


Ahref's is one of the best SEO tools in the market. We particularly like the tool when conducting in-depth keyword and competitor research. Within the Keyword Explorer, we appreciate the Keyword Idea feature that highlights common questions related to the specific keyword. We also like the "Newly Discovered" keyword feature, which shows new terms gaining in popularity so you can stay ahead of the curve. When it comes to competitive research, our go-to features is the "Top Pages" section. This allows you to see which pages on a website garner the highest exposure in search results, how many backlinks the pages have, and estimated traffic volume. The Content Gap is an excellent resource for analyzing your content strategy against competitors to identify opportunities to work into your strategy. A final plus is the user experience of the platform does not have a big learning curve. You can be up and running after a few days.


Contently is one of many valuable resources for content marketers. Creating articles regularly for your customers or clients builds trust, thought leadership, and keeps your business front-of-mind. Blogs/articles are the fuel that feeds the social media fire. Create engaging, shareable, and timely content, and both the search engines and your target audience will love you.

The Digitopia Blog

Our team consistently produces quality content addressing our clients' questions, explaining marketing tactics and reviewing new tools and platforms. If you have any suggestions for future blog topics that we haven't covered, we are always open to ideas.

Now onto tools. If you're a DIY person, these tools will help ensure that your website is functioning properly.

DIY Website Maintenance Tools

  • Webmaster tools
  • Google Analytics (track conversions, web traffic, behavior, etc.)
  • Google Pagespeed Insights
  • Google Trends  - This is not only insightful, it's fun!
  • ahref
  • Screaming From (must download the application)


  • Google Keyword Tool Planner 
  • Sitemetrics, a Google Chrome extension, that can be used to quickly view your title tags and meta descriptions
  • SEMrush


If you are looking for a tool to map out a clear customer journey that your team can align around.  Here is the Digital Utopia blueprint, it's yours for the taking. For free! This blueprint contains the methodology we use to guide the marketing strategies create to driving growth.

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