How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

by Nicole Barbato | Updated Nov 9, 2021

Facebook is a valuable way to reach your target audience through advertising, connecting with fans, garnering reviews and responding to and engaging with customers.

According to Facebook, their platform reaches over 60% of the internet's users and the reach is not just individuals. There are over 80 million small businesses that utilize Facebook Pages. (Sourced by HubSpot's Marketing Stats) If your business is using Facebook, make sure your Business Page is optimized for success. Follow this check list to ensure you've completed the necessary steps to help your audience navigate and engage with your brand on Facebook.

Page Optimization: First Steps

check box Verify the Facebook Page to ensure it's easy to find in search. Request a Blue Verification Badge

check box Customize the vanity URL using this:

check box Set up a Services tab  (if your client/business is service-based)

check box Set up Place Tips (you have to order a beacon) to provide visitors with more information about your business when they visit

check box Add YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest and other social network feeds to your Page

check box Choose a Call-To-Action (CTA) for your Page - Contact Us, Sign Up, etc.

Optimize the About Section 

To edit your About Section, go the the Admin Panel and click on "Edit Page". Then select "Edit Settings" and go to the "Page Info" tab.

check box Review the About Us section to make sure all necessary information is present

Google Indexes Facebook Place Pages so you should further edit the "Long Description" field in the Page Info settings. Add keywords here that are specific to your business and services to help Google index your Facebook Page and display in Google's search results.

check box Make sure the proper category is chosen for your business

Facebook users can use search terms to find business places, among other brands and groups. The results are filtered by obtaining the information used in the page's "About" section, mainly the "Category", "Subcategory" and "Address/Location". Properly setting up your "About" section for your Facebook Business Page will give you a better chance of showing up in the Facebook Graph search results.

There are two ways to set up your About section, and is based on visual preference:

A) If the Category of the page is set up as a "Local Business" then the contact info and hours will display and there is no ability to add any other content here. 

Facebook About Section: Local Business

B) If the Category is set up as a "Company & Organization" then the content can be completely controlled by you! Edit this content in the "Short Description" field in the Page Info settings. The space here is limited when displaying on the profile page and only 3 lines of content will display (the first line is the page's subcategory).

Facebook About Section: Organization

check box Sprinkle the Business Page with keywords for search value

Optimize Contact Information 

check box Make sure you’ve included the name, phone number and address of the business

check box Include a link to a website or landing page

Additional Features 

check box Install Messenger if you'd like Page visitors to have the ability to message directly with your Facebook Business Page (only consider this if the company has someone who can regularly answer questions). If you/the business chooses to do this, you can add a payment option, too, and display your response time.

Customer Service/Communication 

check box Ask clients for FAQs and draft responses in ‘saved responses’ in the messages portion of Facebook

Facebook Advertising Options

check box Decide whether or not you want Facebook to have the option to have boosted posts go to Instagram. You can enable or disable this feature in settings.

check box Upload existing email lists from clients to use for advertising

check box Add your business/client to Business Manager

check box Add your business/clients' Ad Account to Business Manager

check box Create a pixel for advertising

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