Multi-Location Local SEO: How REI Uses Landing Pages to Garner Real Business

by Jenny Foster | Updated Nov 9, 2021

The location-specific pages play a crucial role for multi-location businesses to thrive in the local search arena.

The user experience of a page can make or break a decision within 30 seconds, so it’s important to optimize those pages with user intent.

It’s also important to make sure you optimize for both desktop and mobile searches. REI provides a great example of location-specific landing pages with their desktop pages and mobile counterparts (see screenshots below).

Here are 8 great SEO optimizations REI employs for location pages:

  1. Hours - User intent dictates there’s a high likelihood the searcher is looking for this information.
  2. Contact Info - The address is prominently displayed with a phone number directly below for easy viewing. The mobile version offers a dynamic link for me to click to call right away.
  3. Driving Directions - I can click for directions and see the location on the map which makes it easier to arrive at the store.
  4. Internal Links - This provides value to the viewer because it provides a variety of options for them to explore the business and ultimately keeps them on the website longer.
  5. Social - The paragraph text is compelling and offers a reason to “Like” them on Facebook or follow on Twitter. It’s also a great way to use keywords and an ideal way to craft content that’s Googlebot friendly.
  6. Reviews - This is a great way to encourage reviews which are an integral part of local SEO.
  7. Relevant Links - Again, it provides more value to the viewer. If for some reason this wasn’t the page they meant to land on, they can easily navigate to another without being lost to an alternative website. (This is more prominent on mobile so its labeled as #4)
  8. Email Capture - Building a database of customer information can be a powerful tool for any business to utilize. I can sign up for the REI newsletter with just a few clicks!

REI Multi-Location Local SEO Location Page

Advanced Tip: Tag your location landing pages using Google Tag Manager for more robust tracking options in Google Analytics. REI does a great job defining their local campaign - utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=localmaps&utm_content=29

REI Multi-Location Local SEO Location Snippet blog by Organik SEO

Each one of the items above represents an important factor in earning local rankings AND converting online searches to real business.

SEO isn’t magic despite what many believe; businesses big and small can replicate this type of landing page and see success in their local areas.

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