How to Properly Explain the Value of Digital Marketing to Your Customers

by Julien Brandt | Updated Nov 6, 2021

As a digital marketing agency, people come to Digitopia in search of a way to optimize their online presence. Any savvy digital marketing pro knows that a holistic approach is the best--and only--way to go when creating a client’s campaign that will have real, lasting effects. But it’s not about what we know, it’s about how we’re sharing that knowledge for our clients’ benefit. It’s up to us to demystify the online marketing landscape. Here’s how to do it:

Simplify the process

Creating a sound digital marketing strategy for clients needs to encompass all the essential moving parts--a dynamic social media strategy, a goal-oriented SEO campaign, a responsive, and a user-friendly website all working together fluidly. It is your job to break down each step of the process and show them how you will create actionable goals. Show them how each of the above-mentioned elements work together to ensure that their business gets the attention it deserves. An explanation of this, preferably with a visual aid (like a flowchart) should also be utilized.


People seek out experts when they want to understand something. If you want your client or customer to invest in your services, you must ensure that they understand WHY they should be paying for your services. This sounds obvious, but more often than not, agencies take the reigns, manage the social media or SEO campaign and are surprised when clients decide they no longer need a particular service. Your company is then out of sight, out of mind and out of a paycheck.

To avoid this scenario, it’s crucial to educate potential customers. Have an introductory meeting with them to fully understand their goals. Create a client persona document rich with questions and answers about their target demographic, their current marketing efforts, their resources and more. Create a strategy centered around solving their problems. Enlist multiple case studies to show them how each step of your process works.

Stay in touch

While monthly reports and meetings are beneficial, find ways to make sure you are always front-of-mind to your customers. Consider sending them not only weekly updates on their campaign, but also tips to help them if they’re writing their own blog posts or creating Facebook updates. Perhaps you can visit their offices and help educate their peers, or host an in-house ‘Lunch and Learn’ for them. Lastly, think outside the box. As a well-connected digital marketing agency or business, you probably have a lot of contacts. How can you help them connect with one another? Be a constant resource for your clients.

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