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Need More Leads? Get the Blueprint

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I have worked with Frank and the Digitopia team for many years and have seen firsthand the great work they do for their clients.

Dan Tyre, Director at HubSpot

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Need More Leads? Get the Blueprint

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Stay top-of-mind with a strong B2B content strategy

Create and maintain a holistic content strategy proven to engage, inspire, and nurture customers with content as they move through your buyer's journey.

Content Solution - Content Marketing Strategy by Digitopia

Who is this for?

The Content Strategy Solution is perfect if you:

  • Want the peace of mind that comes from knowing a seasoned expert is helping to plan, focus, and oversee the execution of your content strategy.
  • Would benefit from regular guidance on how your team can maximize the impact of your content

Why do I need this?

You appreciate the role content plays in every stage of your buyer's journey but...

You need a framework to help maintain a strategic and consistent approach to your content.

With Digitopia's solution, you receive strategic guidance and have a proven framework that ensures all your efforts are lasered in on your core buyer persona(s) and support your marketing, sales, and customer service teams. 

How does it work?

You get dedicated access to 1 Content strategist who will connect with you every month to talk through...

  • How to best maintain momentum towards your content goals
  • Talk through your current content challenges
  • Strategy validation and guidance on new campaigns and persona directions

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Build Complex Email Nurturing Workflows
We configure your technical settings
Analytics, Redirects, Etc.
We configure your server settings

No Wasted Effort!

Activate a content marketing framework that goes beyond just publishing a few blog posts.

Dedicate your time to creating content that can be used multiple times throughout your customer journey.

Track Performance 

Use HubSpot to track and understand your prospects online activities and behaviors so you can offer a tailored experience.

Explore the Monthly Benefits of the Hubspot Maintenance & Coaching Solution

Set Sales Up for Success

Relax in the confidence of knowing your sales team can step in with the full knowledge of your prospects history and needs.

Key Benefits

HubSpot Maintenance  by Digitopia

1. Develop Strategic Content Resources

At the start of the engagement, your content strategist will guide you through a workshop to solidify your Buyer Persona(s) that will be the center focus of each Blueprint (campaign). Additionally, you will develop a Before & After Grid and an Email Nurturing Brief to help align messaging and amplify exposure.

HubSpot Strategy and Coaching by Digitopia

2. Ongoing Strategic Coaching

Once a month you will have a coaching call with your Content Strategist to make sure you are on track and able to overcome any relevant challenges. This means you will receive Digitopia playbooks and guidance through as well as how to use the resources we develop together to streamline your content strategy and development.

HubSpot Maintenance & Coaching Solution

3. Full Access to Digitopia's Playbooks

Get full access to our content and email playbook library the Digitopia team utilizes when carrying out content creation and promotion efforts.



Full Scope of Work:

Develop 1-3 Buyer Personas (each persona will also have:)

  • Development of additional Buyer Personas and correlating documents on an as needed basis.

Develop 1 correlating Before & After Grid per persona 

Develop 1 Digital Utopia Blueprint per persona  
Develop 1 Email Nurturing Brief per persona  

90 Day SEO-focused Keyword Research


90 Day Content Cluster Outline


90 Day Feeder Content Plan

1-hour Monthly Coaching Call  


Digitopia Expert

Need help with Content?

Connect with Alice, our Director of Content, and talk through your goals so we can develop a tailored solution for you.

  • Content strategy and planning
  • Ongoing content creation
  • Content promotion
  • A/B testing & optimization
  • Performance tracking and attribution
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Digitopia HubSpot Directory Reviews

We get 5-star reviews on the HubSpot Solutions Partner Directory

Kendra and the Digitopia team provided incredible support for our switch to HubSpot. We were merging contacts and marketing tools from 5 different databases. Their team handled all the integrations and set us up in a way that allowed us to immediately activate and communicate with our database in a way we were never able to before. I highly recommend them as a set up partner and look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis to get the most out of the system.

- Justin Kürn, The Friedman Learning Group

Digitopia is the real deal. We had the awesome opportunity to work with them through designing our business architecture, brand alignment and website design. Frank has an exceptional gift and true fire for what he does, a rare combination. Through our consulting engagement, Digitopia has helped us be well positioned to scale further and faster. Jump at the opportunity to work with them, you won’t regret it!

- Melissa S., Velvet Suite

Digitopia is an incredible agency. Every single member I spoke to was well-versed in their respective area and provided invaluable guidance to my small business. Not only did their strategy supersede my expectations, but they were all so kind. Truly white-glove service! If you're looking for a talented team that actually shows results AND are overall great people to work with, highly highly recommend.

- Sierra Dowd, 98Society

I had a great experience working with the Digitopia team. We engaged with them on, what was I am sure for them, a relatively small project, but for us, was of big importance. They never made us feel small or unimportant at all. Being new to HubSpot, they helped answer a lot of questions and figure out many things that a newbie needs to do to set off on the right foot, plus solved the problem we showed up on their doorstep with. Thanks so much, Digitopia!

- Erin L., Cooleaf

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