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Need More Leads? Get the Blueprint

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Need More Leads? Get the Blueprint

Case Study — phData

The Challenge

phData is a data engineering, data strategy, and machine learning company specializing in custom solutions and integrations built on the Snowflake data cloud.

They needed to...

  • Raise brand awareness for both Snowflake and themselves by leveraging marketing dollars provided by Snowflake
  • Generate leads for their Snowflake data engineering services
  • Convert leads to qualified sales meetings

The Solution

An optimized Google Ads strategy.



Our team started with a deep-dive PPC audit to...

  • Uncover the major issues that needed immediate attention in their Google Ads Account
  • Look for what's working (so we could double down there), and
  • Identify gaps that needed to be filled to reduce wasted spend


Based on the audit, and understanding the needs of the client, we developed an immediate plan of action to...

  • Fix foundational issues negatively impacting their ability to drive better quality leads
  • Lower their cost-per-acquisition, and
  • Improve conversion rates for actions that matter most


Once key foundational issues were corrected to stop wasted spend and irrelevant targeting, we...

  • Focused on maximizing high-performance campaigns
  • Added deeper funnel targeting & nurturing, and
  • Expanded audience segmentation to optimize retargeting efforts

The Outcome

86% increase in qualified just 90 days!

phData went from averaging 17 new contacts per month to over 120 per month.

Cost and cost-per-conversion (red & yellow) both dropped while conversions and conversion rate (blue & green) continue to climb month-over-month!


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