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Ready to turn your HubSpot platform into a revenue-generating machine?

Keep reading to see the results that three B2B businesses achieved and exactly how they accelerated growth and increased revenue, or...

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Do you want to solve your recurring issues once and for all?

  • Create internal alignment around growth.
  • Activate marketing and sales to be a collaborative powerhouse.
  • Track the ROI throughout your customer experience.

More than 75% of businesses feel the exact same way. You need Sales and Marketing to FINALLY be firing on all cylinders. You’ve made the investment to equip your team with HubSpot, and yet things still aren’t where they should be…

So, what’s missing? 

Two important things: a systematic strategy to turn your website visitors into sales opportunities, and a fully optimized platform, like HubSpot, that allows you to convert and nurture your prospects at scale. 

When these critical elements of your marketing growth plan are in play, the sales opportunities WILL follow.

Let us show you exactly how three B2B companies used a process called The Digital Utopia Methodology™ and HubSpot to increase leads generated from digital marketing by 649% and increased sales by $75 million!


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Global B2B Technology Firm: 5,443% increase in sales opportunities.

In 2018, one of the largest European IT services organizations was looking for a way to predictably grow their sales pipeline. As an established company with complex business units and an array of products to promote, the company needed to determine whether digital marketing could systematically drive qualified leads and sales opportunities.

Within one year, the company achieved nearly $75 Million in sales from digital marketing! Before implementing a strategic marketing methodology, the company's previous digital marketing campaigns hadn't delivered any Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) or qualified buyers. 

A 5,443% increase in sales opportunities, year-over-year.

So, what changed?

Digitopia optimized the company’s HubSpot portal and improved its reporting dashboards to give deeper business insights. After evaluating the greatest marketing opportunities from a revenue standpoint, the company worked with our HubSpot business strategists to build five digital brand experiences (or funnels) designed to drive leads for their five most advantageous products and service lines. 

Once those funnels were in market, paid campaigns were launched to drive qualified traffic. 

An 84% increase in new leads, quarter-over-quarter.

In Q3, Paid Search and Paid Social accounted for the largest increase in both sessions and new contacts, which proved the marketing machine was working. The marketing funnels and digital marketing strategy was consistently converting website visitors into qualified sales opportunities.

As the company moved in to Q4, the strategy was refined to focus on just two of the most profitable products with more budget supporting the inbound marketing and paid advertising efforts.

A 334% increase in sessions, quarter-over-quarter.

The results were clear. By having a narrow focus, developing product-specific funnels, and optimizing HubSpot for lead generation, the company drove $75 Million more to the bottom line and were uniquely positioned for dramatic growth in 2020.

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Regional B2B Professional Services Firm: 178% increase in sales opportunities.

A regional B2B professional services firm set out to increase revenue from its two main offerings, janitorial services and critical environment cleaning.

Past digital marketing campaigns had only been moderately successful, but nothing lead to a significant increase in revenue. The CEO challenged his marketing team to prove that digital marketing could consistently deliver ROI and leads to the sales team. 

By implementing the Digital Utopia Methodology and working with one of our HubSpot business strategists, the company was able to increase sales opportunities by 178% from 2018 to 2019. 


A 178% increase in sales opportunities, year-over-year.

In 2018, the contract amount driven from digital marketing was $23,390 compared to $175,087 in 2019 after using Digitopia's proven system. That's a 649% increase in revenue derived from digital marketing.

"Web" Sales Opportunities in 2018

"Web" Sales Opportunities in 2019


What lead to this transformation? Let’s dive in. 

In 2018, paid search ads were directing traffic to a generic landing page with an overview of all of the client’s services. The lead quantity was high, but the lead quality was low. The campaign was driving many inbound inquiries for small services that were not truly part of the client’s core offering. 

In 2019, they enlisted Digitopia’s help to optimize their HubSpot portal and run an audit on the ROI of their efforts. Through that process, it became clear that the greatest opportunity for increased revenue was the promotion of critical environment services, specifically clean rooms.

Immediately, all ads for janitorial services were paused, and our marketing team went to work. 

Through research and testing, it was identified that "failing clean room inspections" and "paying fines" were the primary concerns most for most of the company's buyer personas. Armed with that insight, multiple funnels were built to address each persona's unique perspective. Each funnel included content offers for each relationship level allowing the brand to meet the persona wherever they were in their particular buying journey. 

Lastly, the team revamped the paid adverting strategy, utilizing search for bottom-of-the-funnel solutions based content and LinkedIn for middle-of-the-funnel educational content. 

Take a look below to see the results from theses changes across metrics like contacts and sessions. 

A 1,100% increase in new leads, quarter-over-quarter.

A 912% increase in sessions, quarter-over-quarter.
Ultimately, by employing the Digital Utopia Methodology's systematic HubSpot strategy and analyzing the revenue opportunities in the business, the professional services firm realized a 600+% increase in revenue from online sources.
More importantly, $210,000 in Monthly Reoccurring Revenue and a Lifetime Value of $2.5 Million could be directly attributed to using the Digital Utopia Methodology. 
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"I have been using HubSpot for about five months and everything was humming along until I spent some time with Digitopia. Krystina and the team are incredibly knowledgeable and they were able to open my eyes to how much more HubSpot could be doing for my business. Plus, they're great people! I highly recommend partnering with Digitopia."

- Peter Kearns
180 Commerce (a B2B firm working with B2C brands)


Destination Resort & Venue: 310% increase in leads.

A luxury resort was looking to increase its inbound  inquires. Fortunately, the resort had the benefit of a great reputation and a strong sales conversion rate; however, the hotelier needed to find a way to step on the gas to consistently generate leads. 

As a destination resort that caters to corporate groups, golf professionals, and future bride, having distinct digital brand experiences for each unique persona was a critical need and a missing component. 

Within six months of implementing the Digital Utopia Methodology and employing persona-based digital brand experiences on HubSpot, the resort experienced a 310% increase in leads. 

A 310% increase in leads in less than 6 months.

A 33% increase in visitors in the first quarter of working together.
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A little bit about Digitopia.

You might be wondering, "what is Digitopia?" We're a HubSpot solutions partner that exists to support the growth of B2B organizations like yours. Digital marketing and proving ROI can be a massive undertaking, but we've developed a proprietary system called The Digital Utopia Methodology™. This strategic framework has led to millions of dollars in sales for clients looking for the same clarity and ROI that you are. 

Just a few of the companies we’ve helped get more out of their HubSpot investment.




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