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The Digitopia RevOps Assessment. 

Without clarity into your problem areas, you’ll never unlock your growth potential. Uncover the best starting point for your organization.

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RevOps Audit V1

Are your Marketing, Sales, and Service departments aligned and operating as one powerhouse growth team?

The Digitopia RevOps Assessment helps you identify if you have the right process, platform, people in place across marketing, sales, and service to actually achieve your growth potential.

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Revenue Operations is founded on 3 pillars:

 Process. Platform. People.

Every successful business has a clear process for growth, a platform that enables that process to operate at scale, and the right people to operate that process and platform. 

3 Pillars of RevOps

Each pillar is a foundational building block that the next pillar is built upon. Only when you have each pillar properly defined can you achieve focus, clarity, and accountability throughout your organization.


What does the RevOps Assessment Provide You?

The assessment will guide you through a number of questions that will provide insights (and/or confirmation) on which areas are your biggest hurdles and which RevOps pillar you need to tackle first.
Based on your assessment results you will be provided a range of resources to help you improve your growth potential.
Resources include:
  • Downloadable tools
  • Video tutorials 
  • Recommended reading
  • And more


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