Webinar Replay: The 7 Secrets to Predictable B2B Revenue Growth

    Frank Cowell  - CEO at Digitopia and Author of Building Your Digital Utopia
    HubSpot Video
    The 7 Secrets:
    1. RevOps - a business function leading to 26% more revenue (Minute 3)
    2. Pillar 1 - Process (Minute 14)
    3. Pillar 2 - Platform (Minute 35)
    4. Pillar 3 - People (Minute 46)
    5. Action 1 - Audit (Minute 51)
    6. Action 2 - Implement a RevOps Champion (Minute 53)
    7. Action 3 - Meet monthly (Minute 54)

    Additional Resources:

    1. Introductory Guide to RevOps
      A resource that provides you with an introduction to RevOps and the 3 core pillars that make up RevOps.

    2. Pillar 1 Resource: Blueprint
      Access The Digital Utopia Blueprint a tool to help you feel empowered, organized, and more strategic than ever.



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