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    Activate your virtual sales outreach on LinkedIn in under two weeks

    Start generating 10-40 sales appointments each month with a value-first approach to selling

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    LinkedIn Outreach Product

    How We Do It

    The short answer is through LinkedIn InMail. But, it’s the unique approach we take that helps you differentiate your brand and generate double-digit sales opportunities on LinkedIn.

    We work with you to identify your target persona and reach out to up to 800 targeted prospects a month via LinkedIn's InMail platform. That is 40x more LinkedIn contacts that you can typically reach each month.

    Every message and communication is packed with value and makes your prospect feel like they are having a one-to-one conversation with you

    No sales pitch. Just compelling content that inspires your ideal clients to take action. The idea of working with your company is the only natural next step. 

    After we help you deliver value and establish trust, we coordinate sales appointments for you or your sales team. Through our proprietary process we’re able to predictably generate a 20% engagement rate and a 15%-30% booked appointment rate.

    How is it different than other LinkedIn Offerings? 

    • No spray and pray tactics. In leveraging a relationship-driven methodology that prioritizes personalization and value-based content in the outreach messaging sequence, your campaign will resonate at maximum levels. 
    • No advertising. This sales and marketing outreach doesn’t require any advertising budget.
    • No automation. The messaging sequences are manual and personalized. 
    • Get access to a larger audience. When using LinkedIn’s InMail tool, you are not limited to just your 1st degree LinkedIn connections as prospects. Your audience of prospects is significantly greater.
    • Send 40x more InMail Messages. By targeting other premium LinkedIn accounts, we can send 40x more messages per month (800) compared to the standard 20 InMail messages per month commonly associated with Sales Navigator Professional.

    Who is it for?

    • CEOs, Presidents, and Founders who are feeling the stress of the changing landscape and are looking for ways to maintain momentum in their business. 
    • Sales Executives who aren't sure how to keep their sales pipeline full and are looking for creative but proven solutions.
    • Marketing Executives who are scrambling to adjust their strategy and are needing to transition from traditional networking channels to digital lead generation. 

    What results can you expect?

    • A sales funnel which allows you to communicate directly with potential customers and pivot your message at a moment's notice.
    • A prospect engagement rate of 20-30%
    • Improved brand authority and differentiation
    • 1-to-1 relationships with your target audience
    • A 15-30% conversion rate from outreach to sales appointment booked

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    Client Testimonials

    I'm really pleased with the work that Jake has been doing for link labs. Jake has connected me with hundreds of target audience members on LinkedIn. Initiated dialogue with many of those connections, including three that we are in early-stage sale cycle with.

    Brain Groves - Link Labs

    Frank and his team has been monumental in helping us create the strategy of launching our digital marketing. They took the time to dig in to all the details of our industry and buyer persona in order to create a system that keeps growing our pipeline month over month. They showed us what to measure that no other agency has ever mentioned while keeping a close eye on the metrics and reporting....

    Noemi Kis - Western RO

    Very impressed with our experience with Digitopia. The team is really focused on our individual needs and has a systematic process that helped create clarity around our digital marketing efforts.

    Ryan Feghali - Cedars Group

    The Digitopia team is fantastic. They really took the time to understand our problems before crafting custom solutions that immediately helped. We saw the rate of our inbound traffic increase very significantly about 60-90 days after the beginning of our engagement. Very knowledgable.

    Michel Kripalani - Extality, LLC

    Our experience with Digitopia thus far has been second to none. After multiple experiences with different firms, Digitopia set clear expectations for us combined with systems and strategies that were both highly effective and productive. Then they made it simple for us to track the progress and the results...

    Alan Shafran - Shafran Realty Group

    The 6-Steps of Your LinkedIn Project: 

    1. Build a foundation - We identify and verify your key personas on LinkedIn and the primary pain point your product or service addresses. 
    2. Create an irresistible offer - We work with your team to define a content/offer strategy that highlights the transformation your clients experiences after working with you. 
    3. Write scripts & outreach - We work with you to build and deploy a 4-part messaging sequence that authentically resonates with your target persona. 
    4. Email marketing - We will work with you to build and deploy a 3-part email follow-up sequence to convert leads into sales opportunities.
    5. Track and collect data - We monitor all messages and connection requests sent every month along with important information about your prospects like name, job title, profile link, etc.
    6. Facilitate appointments & scheduling - We coordinate schedules of engaged prospects and help you book sales meetings on your team’s calendar. 
    7. Report on insights and analytics- We hold monthly reporting meetings where we take a deep dive into the data to see what's working and what's not working so that we can continue to optimize our campaigns.

    What is needed to activate?

    In short, you need an irresistible offer and compelling proof. 

    You need a piece of content (ex. a case study) that demonstrates the transformational offering your business provides, and you need quantifiable results to back it up. 


    $0/ad spend (there is none)

    *This service offering requires you to purchase a monthly LinkedIn Premium account ($79)for each user that Digitopia will be servicing as part of this offering.

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