Webinar Replay: How to Unlock Your Organization's Growth Potential with Inbound Marketing

    Dan Tyre - Sales Director at HubSpot. Author of Inbound Organization. Pioneer of the concept of "Smarketing."
    Frank Cowell  - CEO at Digitopia and Author of Building Your Digital Utopia

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    A special thanks to Dan Tyre for joining the webinar and sharing his sales and marketing expertise. Below you can explore several key insights from the interview:

    • Challenge your team to go through your own funnel. This process will result in a wealth of insight around the experience you provide prospects and sparks the team into action. If your team seems hesitant to go through the exercise, it is safe to say your funnel needs some work.
    • If you are "Cold Calling," you are wasting 99% of your time. This point is not an opinion. That is just how the math shakes out.
    • The Marketing team should work on extracting as much information from Sales. If you need content from a sales team member, start with an interview. Avoid sending over a request for an article. You either won't get it back more often than not, or it won't be what you are working to create.
    • Make sure your Marketing and Sales teams are talking with one another about their processes. Alignment between your departments is crucial or operationalizing a consistent customer experience.