Manually Uploading Videos to Facebook

We all know Facebook can be a little...difficult. Whether it's changing the layout one day and back the next or just flat out not working, we have all been there. As much as I complain about Facebook, it is a big part of my job and I am on it every single day. Today I want to share with you a few tips and hacks I have discovered, and make my job easier, when I am manually uploading a video to Facebook.

Why Upload Manually to Facebook?

You might be wondering, "why upload manually to Facebook when you can just pop a link into the box and have it auto-populate? It's easier and faster, so why take the long way?"

From your fans point of view, it will actually look a lot nicer when you take the time to upload a quality video manually rather than just sharing the link. Below is an example of what it looks like to use a link to a Youtube video versus what it looks like when you upload a video manually to a Facebook Page.

Facebook Video Link        Manually Uploaded FB Video

In my opinion, the bigger, fuller image looks better and will catch people's eye much easier as they are scrolling through their newsfeed. The video will also automatically start playing unlike the video link shared from Youtube, which needs to be clicked on to begin.

Facebook Algorithm Favors Native Videos

As Tim Peterson from Ad Age said, "Facebook's content-recommendation algorithm gives preference to its own video player when determining what content to show in people's news feeds, according to several online video executives."

Other features of sharing a native video include:

  • Number of Views: You can see the number of people who have viewed your video - giving you an idea of how your video is performing because you can see how many people are viewing it, and for how long.
  • Facebook Video Insights: This includes stats such as average view duration, views, and out of those views, who has actually watched more than 30 seconds of the video. See example below.

Facebook Video Stats


Added Details

If knowing that Facebook actually favors native videos wasn't enough to convince you, maybe this will.

You can add some extremely valuable additional details, which just isn't an option when using a simple link! So what can you add, you ask?

  • Category
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Call To Action button
  • Allow or deny others to embed your video

Now that you can see the benefits of uploading your video manually to Facebook, I'm going to go over exactly how to upload a video and share a few hacks I have uncovered.

How to Upload a Video to Facebook

Step 1: Upload the video. Go to the "Video" tab on your Facebook page -> Add Video -> Select the video you want to upload.

Step 2: Fill in the video information.

Facebook Video Uploading Screen

Things to Remember:

1. Add the description (include bitly link)
2. Add video title
3. Choose category
4. Add custom Thumbnail if needed
5. Create Call to Action  - Choose a button and the URL you want to send people to after the video is over
6. Either publish or schedule out your video post!

There is also an advanced tab where you can specify where the video will display. Example: Only display on video tab on Facebook page, not in actual News Feed.

Step 3: Check it out! Whether the video is published or scheduled out, make sure to go back and see how it looks to ensure there are no issues or to fix anything you would like to change.

Facebook Video Tips

  1. If you need to edit your video, there is a little trick. You will need to click through to the actually post URL, not just the post on your News Feed (click on the date text to get to the URL).  From there, you can select Options --> Edit This Video
  2. When editing the video, Facebook will alert you that you to switch back to the main admin account to make the changes. You don't need to do this! Just hit cancel and return to your pages, and the changes will be made.
  3. **CAVEAT: Videos, like other posts, cannot be changed once a boost is applied!**

Do you have some Facebook hacks of your own? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweeting at us at @DigitopiaAgency

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