Don’t Get Bamboozled by These 5 Common SEO Myths

Here at Digitopia, we strive to educate our clients above all things and truly partner with them in the hopes of producing stellar digital marketing campaigns. We want each and every client to come away with a firm belief in the internet as a business tool and see the value in all aspects of digital marketing.

The digital landscape has changed a lot over the years, but these 5 myths seem to permeate time. Don’t let yourself get bamboozled by these 5 SEO myths. You know what they say, “Fool me once, shame on you…. fool me twice, shame on me!”

Myth #1: SEO is Magic - Once I Make the Decision To Do SEO, My Website Will Be #1 Everywhere Practically Overnight!

Fact: It takes time for Google to fully refresh its data after each of your website edits, making SEO the ultimate long game. The terms SEO and instant gratification should not be used together in the same sentence.  A long term, tactical strategy should be laid about before you actually execute the SEO campaign. It needs be a thorough and thoughtful process in order to truly impact the business.

Myth #2: I Can Do SEO Myself, I Don’t Need a “Pro”

Fact: SEO campaigns are multifaceted and require proactive marketers not reactive ones. The digital marketing landscape has evolved rapidly and continues to change constantly, making it a near full time job to keep it all up. If you’re running your business correctly, you won’t have time to do SEO, at least not very efficiently or effectively.

*Pro Tip*  A great digital agency will be transparent in their processes and educate you along the way to become an integrated part of your overall business efforts.

Myth #3: Ranking #1 is the Only Goal of SEO

Fact: Even if your business ranks for the most trafficked phrases on Google, people still have to CHOOSE to click the link, the internet is a very passive place. This is why Conversion Optimization is a term being used more frequently in digital marketing.

SEO campaigns encompass elements that help all avenues of digital, from blogging to social media and pay per click. Online authority and relevancy is a major priority for a lot of campaigns as well, not just that #1 position on Google.

Myth #4: SEO Comes in Gold, Silver and Bronze “Packages” Backed by a Guarantee

Fact: If you ever hear a company promising or guaranteeing rank for “X” amount of keywords in “X” amount of time - RUN! No one can guarantee rankings, not even Google. Furthermore, SEO campaigns need to be tailored and customized to each individual business. No business has the exact same goals; the end goal dicates the overall strategy of a campaign along with the people you’re collaborating with.

*Pro Tip* You can pay Google to be at the top top of the search results with Adwords, but it’s a bidding system based on a number of factors so #1 all day every day is not a guarantee.

Myth #5: If I Do SEO, I Won’t Need Any Other Form of Marketing for My Business

Fact: All other marketing efforts feed the SEO campaign - the things you do offline impact your business online. Stopping other marketing would be like pinching a fire house down to a leaky faucet, both a still provide water, but one far more effective and substantial than the other!

Digitopia is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today!

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