You get more clicks on your B2B ads when you write better headlines.

Test these 51 headline formulas on your ads and watch your click-thru rates soar.


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  • 51 headline formulas (with examples) used by top PPC managers, including...
    • The How-To Headline
    • The Mistakes Headline
    • The Objection Preemptive Headline
    • The Analysis Headline
    • The WTF Headline
    • The Fortune Teller Headline
    • The Pattern Interruption Headline
    • The Frontloaded Keyword Headline
    • The Sidenote Headline
  • AND...5 Rules for writing headlines that actually convert


Your ads don't convert because your headlines stink.


Running B2B ads that don't get enough clicks is frustrating. You know you should be generating more leads and revenue from your ads...but it's just not working. But why not?

The secret is in the headline—and we've put together some of the best-performing headline formulas for you in this guide. We get to run hundreds of ads every day for our clients and, take it from us, what works for one client does not always work for another. So we test...and eventually we find the silver bullet.

And now, you can find your own headline silver bullet!

Stop running ads that don't convert. Start testing your headlines today!

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Download these ad headline formulas and start boosting your conversion rate today!